Stay Humble Tattoo Company
801 W 36th St, Baltimore MD. 21211

Tel: (410)235-1234

By Appointment Only

**Fran schedules 1 - 2 appointments a day, Monday through Friday only. 

To get tattooed by Fran, please fill out this form. Please allow one to two weeks for a response.  Fran keeps a waiting list for all of his projects and the wait can sometimes be up to 6-8 months to get your tattoo, he appreciates your patience.

When sending your inquiry, please answer the following: 

1.    What do you want to get tattooed? Please be as detailed as possible. 

2.    Placement on your body? Specify if it will be a sleeve, back piece, or standalone subject. 

3.    If you are looking to get a standalone piece (not a sleeve or backpiece with background), how big do you want the tattoo? 

4.    Are you already tattooed? 

5.    How well and how long do you normally sit for tattoos? In some cases, Fran can schedule an all day appointment. 

6.    Where are you traveling from? 

7.    How flexible are you with design decisions? (BE HONEST PLEASE)


1.    How much does Fran charge?

    $200 per hour

2.    How can I schedule a consultation? 

    Fran does not schedule consultations, but if you want to discuss with him in person, you can stop into the shop anytime he’s there, just call first to make sure he’s in. 410-235-1234 (Stay Humble Tattoo) 

3.    Does Fran take a deposit for appointments?

    He requires a non-refundable deposit to schedule, which is taken off at the final session of your tattoo. Deposits are forfeit when you no-call/no-show for any appointment, or cancel with less than a 24-hour notice. You will then be required to send another deposit to continue booking appointments and getting tattooed. 

4.    How often does Fran work in New York City?

   Fran works in NYC roughly every other month. You can find out exactly when he works in NYC by following him on Instagram. You can also email and ask to be tattooed in NYC when he’s there next and he will put you on a list of clients to contact when he’s there. 


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